Benefits of Acai Juice

It has been discovered that Acai juice is a great source of natural health boosters. Acai berry juice benefits are not just limited to losing weight, but it also helps a lot in other health related issues. Research posited that the juice of this fruit could be instrumental in decreasing bad cholesterol levels and helps prevent the hardening of arteries.

Linoleic acid (Omega 6) and Oleic acid (Omega 9) are two indispensable fatty acids of which the Acai berry is a reservoir. These fatty acids can be instrumental in stabilizing our body’s cholesterol levels. The monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acid is pivotal in maintaining the level of the beneficial type of cholesterol called HDL and stunting the rise of LDL, the bad cholesterol. Omega 6 is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid that has also been found to lower LDL levels.

Our cardiovascular system will greatly benefit from the Acai’s healthful elements. Acai’s role as an excellent agent against arteriosclerosis can be attributed to anthocyanin, a very potent antioxidant. Even in small amounts anthocyanins aid in preventing the oxidation of LDL.

Acai berry juice also displays an excellent quality in rejuvenating the skin. Restoring the blood vessel walls and preventing certain enzymes from damaging connective tissue are some of the benefits of the antioxidant anthocyanin. It prevents wrinkles from developing, hence, skin appears invigorated.

The Acai juice also strengthens the immune system. Acai is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Aside from improving immune cell function, the berry also prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. The berry aids in the prevention of DNA damage and decreases the likelihood of corruption caused by carcinogens.

The digestion mechanism of a person also gets boosted which is also a health benefit of acai juice. Acai is source of natural fiber which aids in the digestion process. The Acai also contains essential nutrients that can help boost our body’s overall performance.

Acai juice likewise helps in lowering down our body’s sugar level. Because acai has a low glycemic index it does not raise the blood glucose levels quickly like other fruits and sugars. This fruit could be a boon for athletic people since it is digested slowly, keeping its levels in the blood consistent which would in turn sustain our optimal physical performance.

Is acai berry juice a miracle food? That may not be entirely accurate but the consumption of Acai juice presents minimal to no catch at all. Acai fruit is safe and effective as a supplement because of its overall natural goodness.

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